VTFA has many ships, these are all of them. Feel free to add more ships since all ideas are needed.


Type: Armada lead

Description: Has thousands of cannons that fire acid, can be switched with other things though. Also it is a carrier that has 100 hangars that launch various fighters and mediums.

Fallen Angel

Type: Armada lead

Description:  10 micro black hole cannons, 100 phalanx, and 500 rotating blasters. This armada lead ship was found in Olama.


Type: Armada lead

Description: Large dreadnought with 150 sniper laser cannons that can 1-shot mostly everything and 1000 microlasers that can target and destroy fighters easily. HK-123's armada usually stays in back for planet sniping.


Type: Colonization ship

Description: Equipped with a warp drive for jumping around solar systems and 5 blaster cannons to destroy any potential threats. Has a mini-hangar with small engineer ships. Also has a large terraforming ray on the bottom.


Type: Transport liner

Description: Long liner equipped with 1 mining beam and massive cargo limit.